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            Tall Guns Logo Preparing others in an uncertain world

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            We don't want you to just survive...
            We want you to PREVAIL!

            How will I respond to risk?
            We the People

            Recent News

            • Tall Guns now carries RATS - Rapid Application Tourniquet System. Price is $15.95 in Black, Red or Orange. EDCs are $4.00. Buying a RATS and EDC together you get a $1.00 discount. (04/2018)
            • Tall Guns has been awarded the right to use the By Colorado logo by the byColorado licensing program. This signifies companies that are based, design their products and make their products in Colorado. (10/2014)
            • Colorado West Firearms Institute has joined the Tall Guns network Affiliated Independent Instructors licensing our Colorado Handgun Permit course program serving Colorado West from the Grand Junction area. (10/2014).
            • Tall Guns announces a price reduction in its combined Colorado and Utah CCW/CFP Course. The new price is $99.95 for both highly valuable permit course. (08/2014)
            • ODIN Defensive Training has joined the Tall Guns Independent Affiliated Instructor team providing training in various locations (04/2014).
            • Tall Guns now offers certification training for security officers in firearm, baton, handcuff, Taser and OC Spray. (05/2014)
            • West Virginia has just announced reciprocity with the state of Colorado.(08/22/2013)
            • Tall Guns has earned the distinction as a Davidson's Gallery of Guns Gold dealer. (10/2012)
            • Tall Guns is certified as the only TASER certified civilian training academy location in Colorado (10/2012)

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            UTAH DPS BCI Certified Firearms Intstructor
            NRA Training Counselor at TallGuns
            NRA Certified Instructors
            TASER Certified Civilian Trainer
            NRA Chief Range Safety Officers
            NRA Range Safety Officers
            TASER Authorized Dealer

            Tall Guns Real Streets Overview

            Real Streets Overview

            The Real Streets course is designed to develop the student’s decision and defensive skills in a near real life environment. This developmental program is taught three distinct courses.

            Utilizing the advanced video and decision branching technology of the IES Training Simulator the student is presented with numerous real life scenarios and that can change each time encountered. Where decisions of "shoot" or "no shoot" are driven by:

            • situation environment
            • use of voice commands
            • threat level
            • proximity of others
            • and in some scenarios, active shooter response.

            Using a process of immediate feedback the instructors will rerun the scenario and de-brief with the student:

            • on choices made or not
            • shot placement if appropriate
            • alternate response options
            • what went well and what did not
            • and a ”do over”!

            The student will draw from various positions determined by the scenario. They may be sitting in an office, walking into a restaurant or walking in a parking garage to name few of the scenarios. Our scenarios offer real people with real responses not animated cartoon-like characters. The course consist of, but is not limited to the following:

            • 中国福利彩票安卓版 overview
            • Review of justification of force aspects of Colorado law
            • Review of situational awareness guidelines for use of force
            • Practice with simulator of shot placement
            • Scenario overviews
            • Simulation exercises

            At the end of each fo the courses the student will receive a certificate of completion.