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            Tall Guns Logo Preparing others in an uncertain world

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            We don't want you to just survive...
            We want you to PREVAIL!

            How will I respond to risk?
            We the People

            Recent News

            • Tall Guns now carries RATS - Rapid Application Tourniquet System. Price is $15.95 in Black, Red or Orange. EDCs are $4.00. Buying a RATS and EDC together you get a $1.00 discount. (04/2018)
            • Tall Guns has been awarded the right to use the By Colorado logo by the byColorado licensing program. This signifies companies that are based, design their products and make their products in Colorado. (10/2014)
            • Colorado West Firearms Institute has joined the Tall Guns network Affiliated Independent Instructors licensing our Colorado Handgun Permit course program serving Colorado West from the Grand Junction area. (10/2014).
            • Tall Guns announces a price reduction in its combined Colorado and Utah CCW/CFP Course. The new price is $99.95 for both highly valuable permit course. (08/2014)
            • ODIN Defensive Training has joined the Tall Guns Independent Affiliated Instructor team providing training in various locations (04/2014).
            • Tall Guns now offers certification training for security officers in firearm, baton, handcuff, Taser and OC Spray. (05/2014)
            • West Virginia has just announced reciprocity with the state of Colorado.(08/22/2013)
            • Tall Guns has earned the distinction as a Davidson's Gallery of Guns Gold dealer. (10/2012)
            • Tall Guns is certified as the only TASER certified civilian training academy location in Colorado (10/2012)

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            UTAH DPS BCI Certified Firearms Intstructor
            NRA Training Counselor at TallGuns
            NRA Certified Instructors
            TASER Certified Civilian Trainer
            NRA Chief Range Safety Officers
            NRA Range Safety Officers
            TASER Authorized Dealer

            Tall Guns Taser Training Academy
            Tall Guns Certified Civilian Trainer


            Tall Guns LLC is the only TASER Certified Civilian Training Facility in Northern Colorado. In order to reach this distinguished level of certification the company has to be an Authorized TASER Dealer, staff that are TASER Certified Trainers (instructors) and have a dedicated training facility.
            Our training program is specifically focused on the civilian consumer user of the TASER C2, M26C or X26C Electronic Control Device (ECD) products. We do not provide military or law enforcement training.
            TASER Consumer ECD User Course Syllabus
            Our training on TASER ECDs includes all the required TASER required minimum modules and an additional Tall Guns OODA Loop and Situational Awareness modules. The Introduction and the modules on Technology, and Care and Maintenance is covered regardless of the model of ECD being taught.  The sections on C2, M26C and X26C only need to be presented when the consumer is being trained on that specific model. 
            1. Introduction
              1. Benefits
              2. Risks
            1. Technology
              1. Voltage
                1. Pressure.  Not dangerous in itself
                2. Relatively high voltage of TASER ECDs allow arcing through up to two inches of clothing
              2. Amperage
                1. Current
                2. Very low in TASER ECDs
              3. Both probes must make contact to create a circuit and cause Neuromuscular Incapacitation (NMI)
              4. Greater spread equals greater effectiveness
              5. Neuromuscular Incapacitation
              6. Probe spread
              7. Aiming and targeting
              8. Drive stun
              9. Causes of limited effectiveness
              10. Cartridge safety
              11. Flammability
              12. Effects on animals
            2. C2 (required only for C2 training)
              1. Nomenclature
              2. 30-second cycle
                1. Window of opportunity to escape
              3. Safety cover operation
              4. Trigger operation
              5. Loading and unloading cartridges
              6. Proper grip
              7. Lithium Power Magazine (LPM)
                1. How to change
              8. Maintenance and care
              9. Activation
            1. M26C (required only for M26C training)
              1. Nomenclature
              2. Safety switch operation
              3. Trigger operation
              4. Batteries
                1. Alkaline
                2. NiMH rechargeable
                3. Changing batteries
                4. Charging batteries
              5. Spark test
              6. TASER Cartridges
                1. Loading and unloading
              7. Background check
            1. X26C (required only for X26C training)
              1. Nomenclature
              2. Safety switch operation
              3. Trigger operation
              4. Central Information Display
              5. Illumination selection
              6. Digital Power Magazines
                1. Replacement
                2. Programming new software in the X26C
              7. Storage
                1. Must keep DPM inserted
              8. TASER Cam
              9. Spark test
              10. TASER Cartridges
                1. Loading and unloading
              11. Background check
            1. ECD Maintenance and Care (mandatory for all products)
              1. Wet ECD
              2. Dropped ECD
            2. Tall Guns OODA Loop Module
            1. Tall Guns Basic Situational Awareness and Avoidance Module

            No Classes are currently scheduled. Please call 970-619-8154 or email us at Info@中国福利彩票安卓版 to inquire about scheduling a course.