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            We don't want you to just survive...
            We want you to PREVAIL!

            How will I respond to risk?
            We the People

            Recent News

            • Tall Guns now carries RATS - Rapid Application Tourniquet System. Price is $15.95 in Black, Red or Orange. EDCs are $4.00. Buying a RATS and EDC together you get a $1.00 discount. (04/2018)
            • Tall Guns has been awarded the right to use the By Colorado logo by the byColorado licensing program. This signifies companies that are based, design their products and make their products in Colorado. (10/2014)
            • Colorado West Firearms Institute has joined the Tall Guns network Affiliated Independent Instructors licensing our Colorado Handgun Permit course program serving Colorado West from the Grand Junction area. (10/2014).
            • Tall Guns announces a price reduction in its combined Colorado and Utah CCW/CFP Course. The new price is $99.95 for both highly valuable permit course. (08/2014)
            • ODIN Defensive Training has joined the Tall Guns Independent Affiliated Instructor team providing training in various locations (04/2014).
            • Tall Guns now offers certification training for security officers in firearm, baton, handcuff, Taser and OC Spray. (05/2014)
            • West Virginia has just announced reciprocity with the state of Colorado.(08/22/2013)
            • Tall Guns has earned the distinction as a Davidson's Gallery of Guns Gold dealer. (10/2012)
            • Tall Guns is certified as the only TASER certified civilian training academy location in Colorado (10/2012)

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            UTAH DPS BCI Certified Firearms Intstructor
            NRA Training Counselor at TallGuns
            NRA Certified Instructors
            TASER Certified Civilian Trainer
            NRA Chief Range Safety Officers
            NRA Range Safety Officers
            TASER Authorized Dealer

            Tall Guns Our Shop

            Our Shop

            OTall Guns Officeur shop and training center is located in the Locust Park Professional Building at 2004 West 15th St. in Suite 6 in Loveland, Colorado. Tall Guns Main DoorWe moved into this facility in September of 2012.

            We have consolidated the following operations to this location to better serve our clients:

            Retail Operations:

            Tall Guns Lobby 1Tall Guns Lobby 2In our retail area where we sell personal protection firearms, handguns and shotguns from SCCY Industries, Ruger, Mossberg, Springfield Armory and Smith & Wesson. We are a Davidson's Gold Dealer and any firearms from Davidson's come with the Davidson's Lifetime Warranty. We buy from other distributors but those firearms do not come with the Davidson's warranty. Because of these broad firearm sourcing supply chain we can also order for our clients any product they might be looking to acquire.


            We are one of the largest stocking dealers for the Gun Tote'n Mamas line of handbags, attaches and backpacks in Northern Colorado. This line is an exceptional quality set of products focused on function and style for the user but also providing a concealed carry for option for ladies

            Tall Guns Lobby 3We also stock the Taser C2 line in the store. This is the same technology and manufacture that provides them to Law Enforcement. They are a Less Than Lethal option for the person whom does not want to carry a firearm, but wants more options for self-defense. Do not confuse these with the "stun gun" pain compliance tools. For more information on the Taser C2 follow our Products tab for a further description.

            We carry these other great products in the shop:

            • Cleaning Supplies
            • Hornady Critical Defense Ammunition
            • NanoVault, Secure-it or Lockdown Personal Security Cases for car or 中国福利彩票安卓版
            • Tornado Defense Systems Pepper Spray
            • A-Zoom Snap Caps

            Training Center:

            Tall Guns Training RoomWe do all of our training from this facility. We have a dedicated classroom and electronic range for teaching Concealed Carry, NRA Instructor, NRA Non-Instructor, TASER, private lessons and other classes.

            Our training facility is equipped with a complete video, presentation and audio equipment. Including the IES MILO Use of Force training simulator and related firearm systems.

            Seating capacity can facilitate up to 18 utilizing classroom tables and seating or 35 in a row and seat configuration with no tables

            Gunsmith Lab:

            Tall Guns Reloading AreaTall Guns Gunsmith LabOur gunsmithing lab is located here now. We can service and repair any firearm that you may have for repair, cleaning or sighting. We do not though have hot tank bluing at this the facility and send that work out.